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BioSweats Sauna Jacket (Unisex-Men)
Price: $150.00 $75.00$85.00
BioSweats Sauna Jacket (Women)
Price: $150.00 $75.00$85.00
BioSweats Sauna Creme (1 jar of 8oz)
Price: $39.00 $35.00
BioSweats Sauna Pants (Unisex-Men)
Price: $150.00 $75.00$85.00
BioSweats Sauna Pants (Women)
Price: $150.00 $75.00$85.00
BioSweats Sauna Creme (6 jars of 8oz)
Price: $234.00 $180.00
The New BioSweats sauna suit is the holy grail of all sauna suits, made with our new Poly-Bio-Flex fabric inner lining and cotton blend fabric on the outside. BioSweats is a heavy duty sauna suit made for  men and women for extreme weight loss results. BioSweats are NOT made with Neoprene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. When you use Neoprene, you’re basically dying to lose weight. The BioSweats Sauna Suit is a new and improved effective alternative to using all other toxic plastic/vinyl/neoprene sauna suits. BioSweats sauna suit is the holy grail of all sauna suits. The world's most durable and effective sauna suit and the most recommended by professional trainers and athletes. BioSweats Sauna Suit is a benchmark for sauna suit design, style, and innovation. BioSweats sauna suit make all other sauna suits obsolete.   welcome
Here’s why The BioSweats Sauna Suit is so different: People are tired of just watching their weight balloon out of control. Now they can watch their unwanted fat shrink away with The New BioSweats Sauna Suit, a specialty sweatsuit made only by Realsauna Sporting Goods. The BioSweats Sauna Suit is made with our special heat-inducing Poly-Bio-Flex fabric. A brand new patent-pending cotton-blended fabric created to make you sweat profusely and melt away those unwanted pounds of body fat quickly.
The BioSweats Sauna Suit is used worldwide by certified trainers and athletes to cut their weight down in less time than any other external weight-loss product. It works with your body’s natural-heat producing processes and causes the body to release stored toxins and fat through your pores as you sweat.  The more you sweat, the greater weight loss results you will get! It's really that simple. If you are serious about reducing your body fat index and losing inches and pounds of fat fast; The BioSweats Sauna Suit is the perfect sauna suit to use in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to help you achieve your weight-loss goals!
The BioSweats Sauna Suit is EFFECTIVE, EASY TO USE, MACHINE WASHABLE, DURABLE, and will give you the FAST AND AMAZING RESULTS you’ve been looking for. The Biosweats Sauna Suit comes in two attractive styles; UNISEX FIT for both men and women, and our WOMEN’S SPECIAL BODY-SHAPING STYLE with a BUILT-IN SAUNA WAIST-TRAINER that’s made to fit and hug all of the wonderful feminine curves! Don’t wait, it’s never too late to start looking great! Order your BioSweats Sauna Suit today and start living in the fit, healthy, and attractive body you’ve always dreamed about! Available in Women & Unisex Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3X, 4XL. 5XL, 6XL.

Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit For Weight-Loss Use:

Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit can be used as a weight-loss sauna suit. The Bio-Sweat Sauna Suit is an effective sweat aid that uses natural body heat through perspiration to help stimulate the entire body causing the body to lose excess water weight gain and fat build-up; very effective for targeting stubborn areas. Also helps target and reduce fat in thighs, legs, arms, stomach, and back-fat rolls. Helps tighten the stomach muscles, aids in eliminating the common stomach pouch, love handles, and the unattractive appearance of stretch marks, fat dimples and cellulite. The Bio-Sweats Sauna Suit is used by professional athletes and body builders to help achieve and maintain healthy body weight/shape.

Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit For Ski Use:

Used as waterproof/warmth ski Anorak/Breeches to protect user from extreme cold temperatures, keeps the body warm, and is comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit For Occlusion Use:

Bio-Sweats Multi-Purpose Sauna Suit is designed with Poly-Bio-Flex a water resistant fabric that is recommended by dermatologists for patients who suffer with skin conditions such as Psoriasis. Bio-Sweats aids in protecting irritated skin rashes facilitate healing, and increases topical ointment and medicated cream absorption. Bio-Sweats when used for Occlusion or as a moisturizing treatment keeps the skin warm and damp; therefore, increasing the therapeutic effects and relief on dry skin, severe Psoriasis, helps decrease redness, scaling, skin lesions of Lupus erythematosus, chronic Dermatitis, and many other irritating skin conditions.


  • You should only use this product for occlusion purposes under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist who has experience with this practice.
BIOSWEATS SAUNA CREME is an all natural non-greasy, body-slimming cream formulated to be used in conjunction with The BioSweats Sauna Suit. This crème conditions the skin, opens the pores, and increases sweat output. Helps decrease the appearance of fat and cellulite by increasing sweat while simultaneously keeping the body cool. BIOSWEATS Sauna Creme is a unique non-greasy weight loss Creme that has been scientifically formulated with one real purpose in mind: WEIGHT LOSS! Specifically created to be used with BIOSWEATS Suit to open up pores during exercise. The BioSweats Sauna Crème is infused with organic peppermint oil, and when used on the skin, peppermint oil acts as a vasodilator and increases blood flow to the area of application; this encourages increased circulation. This natural creme increases perspiration, while also providing a deep cleansing and detoxification action that cools and soothes dry chap skin and helps lessen the chance of strains, cramps, and aching muscles! The BIOSWEATS Sauna Creme and The BIOSWEATS Sauna Suit, when used together, helps tighten the stomach muscles, eliminates the common stomach pouch, shrinks love handles, and lessens the appearance of cellulite that often forms from fat build-up. The BioSweats Sauna Creme may also be used as a super skin moisturizer and skin conditioning treatment.