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  • If you want a beach body year round, buy this BioSweats sauna suit because this is the only suit that will give you an entire suit that makes you sweat like crazy which equals total body weight loss. If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend hours upon hours in the gym only to see a 2-3 lbs difference after 7 days, this suit will give you what you are looking for. I’ve lost a total of 17 lbs in 3 weeks just working out five days a weeks doing cardio in this suit.

    Jillian Foresight
  • As an athlete who trains year round it’s really important to have an effective workout suit, so that was my whole reason for buying the BioSweats Sauna Suit. I can use it when it’s warm to shed pounds and use it when it’s cold to keep my entire body warm even though it makes me sweat. The suit is the best. I also tried another suit by a different company I think it was called Kutting weight and it stinks really bad, then I read somewhere that it’s made with neoprene which is not good for you because the material is poisonous, so this suit is way better.


    Mark Lyles
  • What I like most about the BioSweats is that I can purchase each piece separately. At first I just bought the women’s pants because I couldn’t afford both the top and bottom, then a month later I got the top because it just makes sense to own the whole suit for total body fitness. I love the BioSweats suit and I am telling all of my friends about it who want to lose weight fast.

    Jamie Anderson
  • I love the biosuit, I got one of the women’s styles and my boyfriend Todd got the Unisex style. We work out together 5 days a week doing cardio and weights; I also do yoga and kickboxing in mine. We love our suits. Every time people see us working out at the gym together they always want to know what we’re wearing because they see how much we are sweating and how much weight we’ve lost. We are both very active, but this suit really helps us keep those little extra inches that tend to creep up on you after a wild weekend. I love the product and would absolutely recommend it for anyone who wants to get great weight loss results.

    Samantha Montgomery
  • Just wanted to drop a few lines of encouragement for anyone considering purchasing this new BioSweats Sauna suit, it’s really real. You don’t have to do much to get the muscles warmed up and the body sweating and kicking into overdrive just put the suit on. I use the suit for boxing and conditioning during off season of football and martial arts. It’s a good suit, makes you sweat and you could easily lose 3-4 pound in one workout. Try it!

    Josh Stephenson
  • If you’re thinking about buying the BioSweats Sauna suit, I just want to say that it’s worth the money. It is expensive, but if you don’t want to keep spending money on cheap stuff that tears up after a few uses, this is the suit for you. I’m a woman so the women’s style is really cute if you like wearing a sauna suit that fits right. I also like the fact that the pant on the women’s style has a high waist that fits around the waistline and makes your stomach smaller as you continue to sweat and workout. Overall this suit is the best one I’ve ever tried and I just think it’s worth the money. I’m giving it 6 stars because it’s great!

    Lisa Worthington
  • The suit is crazy cute, but the main thing I like about it is that it’s not made with neoprene which I just found out is highly toxic even though there are a lot of products made with neoprene. I love that the BioSweats Sauna Suit is made with a cotton blended material and it doesn’t stink like neoprene. Big Ups for the BioSweats making great sauna suits!

    Tabby Carmichael
  • This BioSweats suit is cool. I’m using mine to drop a few extra pounds before the New Year. So far so good, I’ve lost a total of 17 lbs. so my doctor is really happy about it. My goal is 40-50 lbs in the next six months. I’ll keep everyone posted.
    Love the suit and the results!

    Mike Cane
  • I love the new BioSweats suit for ladies because it really fits good and makes my body look real sexy while I’m working out. I love cute workout clothes and every time I wear the BioSweats to the gym somebody always stops me to ask me what I’m wearing because they see how much weight I’m losing and how much I’m sweating! This suit is the business!!!!

    Ashley Turner aka Workout Girl
  • My whole track team just ordered the BioSweats for conditioning. We’ve been using them now for 2 weeks and all of the runners love the suit. There is really nothing better for conditioning and losing quick pounds. The suit helps warm the muscles and makes us able to run longer. Great suit!

    Jerry Thompson
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